Arebesk is a home grown, mom owned luxury brand known for creating the first designer grip sock. Arebesk launched out of a garage with just enough money to bring in one style, the Phish Net collection, with no budget left for marketing. After selling out in 2 local Los Angeles studios, studios around the world started demanding our socks, noticing their unique designs and unbeatable quality. 

Designer and Pilate’s enthusiast Leana Shayefar conceived the idea for Arebesk™ after falling in love with the workout and being unable to find a design that offered her both style and traction. The designer is the first to include a patent pending, easy-to-carry, mesh drawstring wash bag with every pair of AREBESK™ grip socks. The Arebesk wash bag helps preserve the silicone during laundry cycles and doubles as a carrying bag to prevent lost socks. 

Arebesk is the first grip sock to have two half circle silicone patches on the ball and heel of the foot for extra cushion and traction, as well as an extra silicone tab inside the heel of the sock to secure fit. The colorful line of pilates/yoga/barre/dance socks are mandatory apparel for any workout requiring a good grip.

AREBESK™ pays homage to the “arabesque,” a standard ballet step where the body is supported on one leg, with the other leg sweeps backwards. This move is also used in Pilates and other movement based workouts. Arebesk's triangular logo also emulates the ‘V' shape of the 'teaser' move in classic Pilates form.

Arebesk can be found in studios around the world and online at www.arebesk.com

Find us on Instagram and Facebook at @arebeskusa.